NHK World

NHK World TV is the all-English language channel from NHK, Japan’s sole public broadcaster. Featuring live news at the top of every hour from Tokyo and news bureaus in over 30 worldwide locations, NHK World can be seen in over 270 million homes worldwide. Programs also feature business, public affairs, food, fashion, culture, music, travel and other genres.

Beginning in 2012, NHK World chose to partner with RNN to deliver this Premium News content to New York. In addition to managing their 24/7 channel, RNN also works with NHK to promote and air their highly acclaimed news content and specials on WRNN, including Newsline and their Peabody Award winning special “Surviving the Tsunami”.

NHK World is currently available full-time in the following locations:

Time Warner Cable NYC*
Channel 223

*including Bergen and Hudson Counties in N.J.; Mount Vernon and the Hudson Valley in N.Y.

Verizon FiOS NY DMA
Channel 482

Comcast NY DMA
Channel 265