Time To Show David Wright and RA Dickey Some Love

RA Dickey, Mets

I have heard Met fans lament about their team because they simply repeat what the media keeps saying about the Mets but I am here to tell you Sandy Alderson has a plan and a year or 2 from now, Met fans will be pleased with what they see. But the first step to making this team a contender is making sure David Wright and RA Dickey are both part of the solution.

And I honestly think that will happen. Simply put, David Wright is the face of this franchise and his #5 will be sitting next to the other retired numbers on the CitiField outfield wall one day but more importantly, he's a bona-fide run producer and you do not find that on every street corner especially at the third base position.

Secondly, David Wright cares very little about making Page 6 or being anything besides a baseball player. Add in the fact that wearing the orange and blue holds special meaning to him and you can understand his value. I've gotten to know David very well in the past 5 years and he's a genuine person in every way. He does so much for the unfortunate in this town without fanfare or the need for publicity. He is what is good about the game of baseball.

As far as RA Dickey is concerned, he is an ace in every way and you should never undervalue that commodity especially in the NL East. The Mets have built a very solid rotation with Dickey, Jonathan Niese, Matt Harvey, Dillon Gee, and oh yes by the way-Johan Santana. With Wheeler on the horizon for sometime in 2012, this can be a very special group.

I've heard the experts pontificate that trading Dickey is the better move which I think is nonsense. In this division in order to compete, you must possess depth in the rotation and the Mets have that. To deal your ace at a time when every team in this division (aside from the Marlins) has one, would be counter-productive to your team's development.

Does this team have holes to fill? Absolutely as the lineup needs 2 more RBI bats to go along with Wright and Ike Davis while the bullpen needs a facelift as well. But re-upping these 2 players insures that you don't have other holes to fill. And my sense is Sandy Alderson understands that and will get both things done very soon.

It would only be a first step but an important one towards turning things around for this organization.