Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

The Twitter universe has been debating the RA Dickey case for weeks now and the question remains the same: Would the Mets be better off trading the Cy Young Award winner or would keeping him make the team stronger? And the answer remains constant: That all depends.

In my opinion, the Mets are a better team in 2013 with the quintet of Santana, Dickey, Niese, Harvey, and Gee remaining intact especially with this guy named Wheeler on the horizon. The Mets have exchanged numbers with Dickey and I am hearing the 2 year offer is closer to $25M than $20M but still not where the Cy Young Award winner wants it to be. In the meantime, the trade market has re-defined itself with Grienke and Shields off the market and 2-3 teams remaining that would still want a pitcher like Dickey. Those teams, in my opinion, are the Jays, Rangers, and Tigers--all of whom have expressed interest.

Despite all the naysayers in the blogosphere, Sandy Alderson is doing exactly what he should be doing--keeping his options open. Slowly increasing the offer to Dickey gives him the time to let the trade market re-define itself which it already has done. The teams left without a front-line starter might become a little antsy to get a deal done and will up the offer much in the way the Giants did when Sandy made Carlos Beltran available. This also serves another purpose--it gives the Dickey camp some things to ponder. Will they risk injury or a sub-par season in 2013 to get to a potentially lucrative free agent opportunity? And even they get to that point what would a 39-year-old pitcher get in terms of dollars and length of contract?

So we return to the original question of stay or go? It comes down to a simple fact: If Sandy Alderson gets 2 players that can immediately help him, he will trade RA Dickey or Jonathan Niese? Remember the Mets have the leverage here--they have him under contract at a very affordable salary. They have a pitcher other teams want. The issue will be taken care of on their timetable and they will do what is best for the organization keeping in mind the plan they have in place.

And this group will not succumb to public pressure to make a deal either with Dickey or another team, just to placate their fan base. That is how the Mets used to make decisions and it got them nowhere. Have patience and faith in Sandy Alderson. I promise you a year or so down the road, you will like what you see at CitiField. Some of the building blocks are in place with much work still left to do. And this RA Dickey decision is a tough call--one that could define 2013 and beyond.