A-Rod Watching Too Many Oliver Stone Movies

So, Alex Rodriquez thinks the Yankees and Major League Baseball are conspiring against to get his contract voided. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry was being coached by George on how to beat a lie detector test. George said, "Remember it is not a lie if you believe it."

For years, A-Rod has played the public like we were all born yesterday. He only reveals he used steroids after a lengthy New York Times expose in which he, at first, dis-respected Selena Roberts who is one of the best sports investigative reporters out there and never even bothered to apologize to her. Then, he floated the notion that he was not aware of the substance his cousin helped him receive and later ingest. He also said he only did it because he felt the need to validate his big contract in Texas. If you go by that logic, you would have to assume he took it in NY where the pressure was greater and the media microscope was intense. He has also now been forced to endure not 1 but 2 hip surgeries and we are supposed to believe his quick recuperation time after the first surgery was done without the benefit of performance enhancing drugs.

The recent allegations only intensify the fact that he may have needed PEDS to at the very least allow him to heal quicker and so the 2009 story in which he carried the Yankees to a world title gets soiled a bit here. And lets not let the Yankees off the hook either. They will be trying to void the contract because he is not performing at a high level--and you can be rest assured if he was hitting his usual 40 homers, support from the organization would be plentiful. And you can expect more leaks from inside the organization as the Yankees will use the eager press corps to do their dirty work. They will try to embarrass A-Rod at every turn and you should expect stories to be leaked out about his personal life--including a play by play of who is currently sleeping with and how much he is out on the town.

Once the investigation is done, Major League Baseball will hand out his punishment--likely a 50 game suspension but as far as voiding the contract is concerned, I have a better chance of marrying a supermodel. The collective bargaining agreement between MLB and the MLBPA clearly states that although punishment can be executed by the Commissioner's office teams can not void contracts on first-time offenders. You might argue this is his second time but remember steroids were not banned substances in MLB when he was in Texas and his positive test was administered during a test that was supposed to be random, and more importantly, anonymous. MLB could be in for a long court battle if it voids his contract and the Yankees know it--which in why they might try to make things so miserable for A-Rod he would welcome waiving his no-trade clause. But even if he does, will the Yankees find a taker for a diva with so much baggage he is not worth the trouble. And, of course, there is the issue of paying over $100 Million dollars still owed to him.

That is why I am having trouble understanding A-Rod's paranoia. If I were him, I'd tell the Yankees you could do whatever you want--just make sure I keep getting those paychecks twice a month. But it is part of A-Rod's fabric--he is the most insecure player I've ever been around. He needs to be loved by everyone that knows him and he can't accept anything less. And he feels the world is against him right now. Maybe Oliver Stone should put together a movie of A-Rod's life complete with Dr. Melfi couch sessions. He might make an even more interesting study for the Lorraine Bracco character than Tony Soprano.