Obama should call Jeff Klein, really!

Four years ago Americans had an expectation that we would be more unified today. We are always going to have the far wings of the Democrat and Republican Party’s trying to divide us. But, wasn’t our 1st African American President going to reach out to ALL Americans and find a common ground? Today, we stand more divided than ever. Obama doesn’t even seem personally engaged with his own Congressional Democrats, let alone reaching out to Republicans.

There is little doubt this past campaign has furthered the divide between our citizens. The President, has made those who are successful pay the overwhelming freight to care for less fortunate neighbors, is not doing enough. His Vice-President has said that if Republicans had their way, African Americans would be back in chains. Biden added that it’s immoral for us not to want to pay more taxes. Is this type of dialogue good for us? Are Republicans innocent of such incendiary language? Of course not. But presently they don’t hold the most powerful office in the World. Ultimately only one person has the bully pulpit.

In contrast, New York State Senator, Jeff Klein, worked out a power sharing deal with NY Republicans. The foundation for this Democrat is; we can disagree, we do disagree, but ultimately we need to find common ground to get stuff done. It’s the way government is supposed to work. More importantly it’s how the American people want our elected leaders to act. Having previously worked for 2 years in a Democrat controlled Senate, Klein recognized their internal dysfunction, where members jumped ship, only to swim home. Chaos was commonplace.

Fed up, Klein formed the Independent Democratic Coalition. They didn’t switch political Party’s or what they believed. They just decided to work with a new Republican majority to get stuff done. The highlight of these efforts was a bi-partisan piece of legislation. Gay marriage was now the law of the State. It never happened when Democrats controlled every branch of government. It happened when legislators reached across the aisle and worked together.

Instead of inviting Speaker Boehner to golf once a term, shouldn’t our President invite him to golf a few times each month? Clearly, both men love golf. Wouldn’t that instill more trust come Monday morning? Under our present conditions, Obama is on a year round campaign cycle. As President it’s his responsibility to bring Americans together and from viewing the landscape, he has a tremendous opportunity, after 4 years of division, to really unite our Country. In the meantime, he should call Senator Klein in New York for some quick advice. A majority of Americans would agree.