New York is in Play with the Presidential Primaries

If not for New York serving as actual ATM Machines when it comes to campaign warchests, certainly the South Bronx is not used to seeing major political figures.

Bernie Sanders brings his campaign to the South Bronx tonight, joined by actress Rosario Dawson and the Grammy-winning musician Residente.

The day before Hillary Clinton came home to a rally at Harlem's famed Apollo Theater.

The events are the first public signs that the two Democratic foes plan to make a major stand in New York, which is home to a whopping 291 delegates.

A big Clinton victory would severely damage Sanders' candidacy, while a tight race would add importance to future primaries in other big states, such as Pennsylvania and California. But Sanders' supporters argue that even a close race against Clinton would help Sanders' future because he would get a sizable portion of New York's delegates

Sanders, fresh off a string of recent victories in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, plans to discuss issues at the event including establishing universal health care, making tuition free at public colleges and universities and taking big money out of politics.

New York is also in play in a major way, on the Republican side.