iLuminate: Brilliant Spark of Genius on Stage


If there's any theatrical performance offering more bang for your buck this summer, 'iLuminate: Artist of Light' easily wins that coveted award. Returning to New York City, the original production is not to be missed with a spectacular mix of music, moves and artistic majesty. Adjust your vision as darkness fills the room and direct full attention to the stage. Then, prepare to be amazed for 55 fully charged minutes.

The awe-inspiring dance troupe won over millions who saw its 'America's Got Talent' debut in 2011, captivating audiences with precise choreography and customized wireless light suits. Since then, these talented performers have been in high demand around the world. They've taken the show on the road and impressed all, including presidents and other dignitaries.

Now showing off-Broadway at New World Stages, here's a storyline the entire family can enjoy with no need for explanation. Good overrides evil, love prevails and you simply can't go wrong with a group of spirited dancers who deftly balance B-boy footwork and classical ballet technique. In fact, all forms of dance get proper respect, ranging from a touch of ballroom to smooth House styles in sync with booming bass and neon effects flooding the stage!

Miral Kotb, the multifaceted software engineer/choreographer/dancer who founded iLuminate, has seen the patent-pending technology reach new heights following inception. Grammy-winning artists who have incorporated the lighting in show-stopping performances include Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta.

But, I also admire Kotb's ability to overcome all obstacles as a cancer survivor and create a compelling story that transcends nightclubs and what's often misunderstood about contemporary dance, Hip Hop or EDM culture. Bravo.