Homeless and when Special Education Fails your Son

Please meet 14 year old Elijah. I raised my left arm high up in the air and said to him “High five…can I get a high five.” Elijah complied. This was a special report on Richard French Live.

Elijah’s pleasant demeanor and contagious smile stands out. Again Elijah is 14 years old but has fallen behind in school.He's classified as dealing with : Severe Learning Disabilities, Language Disorder and ADHD. You can see my blog post here.

He’s only in the 5th grade and reads on a 1st grade level. Elijah and his mother Audry Martinez live in a Brooklyn homeless shelter called: “Hotel Lynx." They have been in NYC shelters for the last 2 and a half years.

When talking to Elijah’s mom she told me that in a million years that she never thought she would find herself in this situation.

When we were in their living quarters on the fourth floor, of the “Hotel Lynx,” all of their possessions were in this one cramped room. You had to sign in with security in the lobby with photo I.D, and then security escorted you to an office, where you had to sign in again with photo I.D again

This was all a serious reality check for me. We were not in some college classroom discussing the Homeless issue. This time I wasn’t discussing the issue of homelessness on TV. This wasn’t a contrast of being homeless.

This was a woman and her child fighting for survival. As I stood there being signed in, felt like somebody had been punched me in my stomach.

It was so stunning.

Seasoned reporter.(Dominic Carter) I’m supposed to have seen it all, done it all, right?

In the far left of this small office were a few plastic crates that had typical foods for people that came in and may be hungry. We are mostly talking about Mothers and their children.

One crate was full with oranges, and another had sliced wheat bread, wrapped individually.


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