Debate was Missed Opportunity for Ted Cruz

The ratings were hugely down…

The day after the debate…Donald Trump was taking a victory lap.

The NY Times summed it up best…on Trump.

“Mr. Trump was mentioned repeatedly in the opening moments, mostly in a mocking way. But without him, there was a significant difference in energy. It was a bit like a television series in which a major character disappears midseason, said to be off on a business trip, as the actor playing that character films a movie or deals with a health crisis. The show goes on, but it doesn’t feel the same.” NY Times

The show was not the same.

The biggest missed opportunity without Trump on the stage, was for Ted Cruz. This was his opportunity to shine, and he could not benefit from Trump’s absence.

Cruz was on the defensive, and couldn’t handle it. Also, the threat from Cruz to leave the stage because he felt many of the questions ganged up on him…fell completely flat….Even the crowd booed Cruz at that point.