Is the “Bola Wrap” the Police Answer for an Emotional Disturbed Person?

I have flown on an NYPD patrol helicopter around the big apple and past the Statue of Liberty.

I have traveled the choppy waters of the Hudson River on an NYPD boat just days after the 9/11 attack with then-NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani to the “Ground Zero” area.

Yonkers Ave is where Police Headquarters is located in Yonkers New York. New York's 4th largest city.

Years ago, my buddies and I would come to the nearby YMCA in the same Yonkers area to get away for a few hours, and we would play basketball there, having a wonderful time bonding with each other. Now I was back in Yonkers, but this time for a serious societal issue.

Police encounters with those in mental crisis.

The more things have changed, the more they stayed the same. How do you take an emotional disturbed person (EDP) into custody when they may be holding a knife, or a baseball bat? Above is the story we did on Richard French Live, and attached here are some of my additional thoughts.


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