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Posted by Rich Coutinho on November 14, 2012
Josh Johnson, Miami Marlins

When news surfaced yesterday that the Miami Marlins were unloading most of their team to the Toronto Blue Jays in yet another salary dump I thought of the scene in the movie Wall Street when the Charlie Sheen character said to Gordon Gecco, "I just heard about the fire sale at Blue Star. I thought you were going to turn the company around, not upside down." Gecco's response, "It's all about the bucks--the rest is just conversation."

Enter Jeffrey Loria who insisted that his new stadium would set the scene for the "New Marlins." He even changed the team logo and then went out and signed every free agent who would agree to a "no-trade clause" for insane money. The city of Miami went along with it not only giving him a new stadium but also giving him all kinds of secondary benefits like the parking concessions for instance around the new stadium.