Posted by Dominic Carter on September 8, 2016

Ok. Let’s have a candid moment.

Of course, during this presidential contest where Hillary Clinton is in the fight of her political life against Donald Trump, (and he may very well, win the election) Hillary Clinton is judged with a double standard. Let’s stop the non-sense, and this charade that they are covered the same way.

Posted by Anthony Figliola on January 25, 2013
Weapon of Mass Destruction

Last week, New York State passed the most sweeping and restrictive gun laws in the nation - In the wake the Newtown tragedy that killed 20 innocent children.

I ask… will this law completely solve the problem?

I acknowledge you don’t need a machine gun to protect your home. However, it is a Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Effective gun laws are necessary to protect innocent citizens. There are some people that act recklessly and they should be punished – But not responsible gun owners.

We live in a society that is becoming increasingly more evil.